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Stay fit by finding an activity you enjoy!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

People often ask what is the best exercise to lose weight or get fit. There are many exercises that burn calories or help your cardio but this is not really helpful.

Running is a great burner, but if you are bored or hate it you will probably not stick with it. The best exercise is the one you enjoy. If you enjoy it you will most likely continue. So to avoid becoming another exercise drop out a little experimentation in walking, running, jogging, cardio, weights, or group walks can put some enthusiasm in your new found challenge.

What are your goals?

In exercise, the underlying principle for success is routine and small steps. Large goals that are not achievable will mostly likely fail. Small goals you can achieve like walking 3 days this week for 25 minutes will continue to motivate you the following week.

You become fit for the type of exercise you do. Your body adapts to the specific stresses you place on it; if you lift heavy weights you’ll get stronger and if you run for long distances, you’ll develop great cardiovascular endurance.

If you have a particular goal you want to work on, your exercise routine should reflect this; there is no point doing endless sets of biceps curls if you want to be able to run a 5K! So make sure your routines are aligned with your fitness goals.


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