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Hoka Bondi 8 Review: I think they have it right this time.

I have never really been a fan of the Bondi. Its not that its a bad shoe by any means. Its just always felt large and oversized when I ran but the new model 8 may change my mind. The Bondi is one of HOKAs best seller and a favorite for nurses, doctors, and of course marathoners. I think the 8 model is something of a change.

Lets first start out that the 8 looks a whole lot better than its predecessors and the colors are finally right on point. The mesh upper is a cleaner and gives a more modern look and not in an "old dad" look. One of the new changes is the flaring midsole. From a design and functional standpoint, a wider footprint makes a shoe more stable as you land. This is especially important for shoes with a soft midsole, like the Bondi.

HOKA lists the stack heights as 33mm/29mm for men and 31mm/27mm for women, Compared to others in todays standards, running shoes are getting thicker and thicker thanks to lighter foams, 33 millimeters (31mm for women) under the heel barely qualifies as maximum-cushioned shoe anymore. The overall feeling, walking, and running are off the charts. I feel like they mellowed the arch or extended it and its not protruding into my arch like the 7. The toe box is roomier and overall mesh feels great.

The Bondi 8 is not mean to be a really fast, responsive shoe. Its best for leisurely runs, walks, and all day wearers. The nurses and doctors that come into the store swear by it and the latest surveys say this will only increase. From my take the new Bondi 8 version is even better for this group. I enjoy wearing it all day around the store and the wide sole provides more stability and comfort.

If you liked the 7 you will definitely like the Bondi 8. If you were on the fence before you will definitely want to try the Hoka Bondi 8 Version now!

Dont forget you can purchase the Bondi and more from our online store or feel free to stop in the store for a fitting and gate analysis!

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